World Landslide Forum 3

  • The third phases PHOTO CONTEST is opening now

  • Loess Landslide and dammed lake triggered by the Haiyuan Ms8.5 Earthquake in 1920.

  • Relocated Wushan town after that the landslides in new site have been controlled. Former site is under water.

  • Slope at the Three Gorges after the Reservoir filling(2012).

  • The Gaolanshan landslide is located on the southern side of Lanzhou City. The landslide consists of three sub-landslides, and is 20.56 millionm 3 in total volume, with multi-layers and multi-activities. The landslide height difference is about 600m that is directly endangering the district below.

  • Tens of Thousands of landslides were triggered by the Wenchuan Ms8.0 Earthquake.

  • The prevention projects have been undertaken to reduce the debris hazards after the Wenchuan Earthquake(2012).

  • The Qianjiangping landslide went to the reservoir at the initial filling stage of 2003.


The Opening Ceremony of WLF3

will be held on 3rd June at 09:00.

Please well arranged your agenda beforehand and arrived at least HALF HOUR earlier

for the Security Check.


Dear friends:

As the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Landslide Forum 3, I want to extend a warm invitation to you to attend the Forum to be held in Beijing, China, June 2~6, 2014. The World Landslide Forum 3 is jointly sponsored by Ministry of Land and Resources, the People's Republic of China (MLR, PRC) and the Global Promotion Committee of the International Programme on Landslides (IPL), organized by International Consortium on Landslides (ICL) and China Geological Survey (CGS).

The World Landslide Forum will bring together government officials, scholars, international research and development communities, NGO representatives and numerous segments of the private industries to present their latest results on geo-hazard mitigation, especially, on landslide reduction and to exchange ideas on how to improve geo-environment safety around the world.

It will also become a phenomenal event for geo-hazard prevention because of its unique opportunity for professionals from all over the world to learn from each other on geo-hazard mitigation.

We will do our utmost to make this event one of the best and most successful to date, and we believe that all delegates will find their participation both professionally rewarding and personally enjoyable.

The post-forum field trips will have three options for the participants to choose. Each of these options is designed to allow the participants to better understand the development of landslides and the prevention in China, and to enjoy the oriental scenery and the harmonious coexistence of ancient civilization and modern culture.

I look forward to seeing you in Beijing in 2014!



Vice Minister, Ministry of Land and Resources
President, China Geological Survey

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Important Dates

June 15, 2013:Preliminary registration and deadline for abstract submission
August 31, 2013: Deadline for submission of full papers
September 30, 2013: Deadline for submission of full papers
October 15, 2013: Deadline for submission of full papers
October 31, 2013: Deadline for submission of full papers
February 28, 2014: Deadline for application for exhibit space
March 15, 2014: Paper acceptance notification
April 1, 2014: Deadline for early bird registration rate
June 2, 2014: On-site registration

June 3, 2014: Opening Ceremeony

June 6, 2014: Closing Cermeony








Photo contest

The Landslides of the world Photo Contest is a photographic exhibition open to all the participants of the World Landslide Forum 3. The objective is to inform and concern for different landslide scenarios around the world.

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